Cactus Spring Trail

  Chris Fraim on the Cactus Spring Trail – 1/30/13 My son Christopher has been visiting from the Bay Area and we’ve been exploring the various trails in the desert. Today, we drove up Highway 74 to the top of the mountain and hiked the Cactus Spring Trail out to the old gypsum mine. One […]

Hopalong Cassidy

The Hopalong Cassidy Trail in Palm Desert 1935 In Hollywood, William Boyd was offered the role of Hopalong Cassidy, named because of a limp caused by an earlier bullet wound. He changed the character to make sure that Hoppy didn’t smoke, drink, chew tobacco or swear. He rarely kissed a girl and always let the […]

Death Valley

Will anyone ever write again about the desert like Edward Abbey? * * * The Journey Home “Death Valley” Edward Abbey From Daylight Pass at 4,317 feet we descend through Boundary Canyon and Hell’s Gate into the inferno at sea level and below. Below, below … beneath a sea, not of brine, but of heat, […]

The Distant Symbol

The Distant Symbol The Salton Sea In Memory & Anticipation John Fraim (Partially complete …) Information flows over us today in all forms. We are inundated by the greatest amount of information ever hanging over culture. It is something that all levels of culture live with. Party. Race. Gender. Age. That one unified group Thomas […]

Desert Cheetah

It was a warm afternoon in November and the Cheetah at the Living Desert in Palm Desert was out sunning himself. He was far from the kids with their families who only saw a blotch of orange on the sun-drenched hill inside his habitat. But with our 24x zoom on the Leica, we were able […]

The Historical Society

Towards the middle part of April, Palm Desert had a few days of dramatic clouds and windy weather. I stopped across the street from the Palm Desert Historical Society at twilight one April evening and took this photo. The flags are waving in the wind at the old city firehouse with one of the original […]