The burning ground of stories

Screenwriting friends, my latest blog on the Midnight Oil site.

This article inspired by following a link on a friend’s FaceBook Timeline to an amzing short blog post.

The short post helped me see Hillary in a whole new light and angle. it explained Hillary’s appeal from a different perspective. From the perspective older women in America.

Anyway, think interesting and would (will?) make a powerful new genre of films on older, mature women. To match the symbol to older women she already has. Perhaps a succession of On Golden Pond types of films will spew forth from Hollywood? An older, more mature, more hardened view of culture. Made in part from perhaps those millions of widows out there today. Older, mature women in America. Over 60 years in age.


John Fraim
Midnight Oil Studios

Lois Ruskai Melina's Blog

My mother used to remind me of the saying “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.” I had shoes. Today my internalized mother voice might admonish me by saying, “That’s a First World problem.”

We rank suffering. Being killed by a wildfire is worse than losing one’s animals or home, which is worse than breathing the hazardous levels of smoke now enveloping places where I used to live, which is worse than breathing the “unhealthy” levels of smoke on only one weekend where I live now. You get the idea. Still, even when others suffer more, there is sadness for your own loss.

I am not in danger from the August wildfires. But I look daily for updates on fires in places familiar to me from the almost 40 years I’ve lived in the Northwest, most of those years in Idaho. Kim…

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