Santa Monica Morning

We decided to get out of the desert for the weekend. After all, we hadn’t been into LA for almost two months and we only lived two and a half hours away. But living in the desert for any long amounts of time – any season really – can get to a person. And it was getting to us. So, the weekend of the Oscars we drove into LA to see my sister in Brentwood and our friend Claudia in Santa Monica. We stayed at Claudia’s apartment out in Santa Monica and went to dinner down at the Bel Air Bay Club on Friday night and met some friends. The next day, I drove down to the Bel Air Bay Club to have lunch with my sister and my brother-in-law.

My sister had just gotten back from a three week trip to India and wanted to tell me all about it but right now was somewhat tired adjusting after two days back in the states. I told her about our new place we had just bought down in Palm Desert. I told her I was still fighting my divorce in court. It seemed like I was being chased by that mysterious – unstoppable – posse in the film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

On the Sunday morning of the Oscars I drove out to Ocean Avenue early in the morning and parked along the long park above the cliffs. The sun painted everything with an almost supernatural light. I walk up the dirt path with my camera on a tripod hoping to take a few HDR photos this morning. I walk along the path that I considered the most beautiful path in Los Angeles. I think I have always considered this since I was a little boy growing up in this massive urban complex that seemed so foreign to me to. The rising sun throws just the right amount of color on the palm trees and exotic plants along the long park that eveyone in LA knows and loves. After all, this is where legendary Route 66 comes to an end marked (today) by a marble women.

And there, up ahead, I see him sleeping peacefully in the warm morning LA sun. The light almost like some Hollywood lighting crew has been hard at work.I briefly set up my camera on the tripod and shot three photos in HDR and then merged them in Photomatix Pro and mix them a little in LightRoom 4 to get the below on 24x magnification you see below.

Top of the Morning

And then, only fifty feet away, the morning coast of Santa Monica Bay

Santa Monica Cliff


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