The Gnarly Tree

When I lived in Sonoma County’s Valley of the Moon I my home was right next to Annadel Park and within minutes I could  be on a trail heading up into the rugged, beautiful park. One morning, I came upon a gnarly tree that was right in the path of the rising sun spreading over […]

Santa Monica Morning

We decided to get out of the desert for the weekend. After all, we hadn’t been into LA for almost two months and we only lived two and a half hours away. But living in the desert for any long amounts of time – any season really – can get to a person. And it […]

San Gorgonio Pass

The Pass of San Gorgonio  (John Fraim, 5/24/12)     The San Gorgonio Pass John Fraim (May 2012) “In the ancient days when the shore of the Pacific was young, when the white sierras had only recently been heaved upward and the desert itself was in a formative stage, the ocean reached much farther inland […]

Cactus Spring Trail

  Chris Fraim on the Cactus Spring Trail – 1/30/13 My son Christopher has been visiting from the Bay Area and we’ve been exploring the various trails in the desert. Today, we drove up Highway 74 to the top of the mountain and hiked the Cactus Spring Trail out to the old gypsum mine. One […]

Hopalong Cassidy

The Hopalong Cassidy Trail in Palm Desert 1935 In Hollywood, William Boyd was offered the role of Hopalong Cassidy, named because of a limp caused by an earlier bullet wound. He changed the character to make sure that Hoppy didn’t smoke, drink, chew tobacco or swear. He rarely kissed a girl and always let the […]